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Architectural/Project Review
Architectural Control is required by the Declaration of Restrictions (Article II)  The Restrictions read as follows:
"The plans and specifications for all dwellings, buildings, landscaping, and other improvements and structures (including but not limited to, the height of all structures, signs, fences, walls, driveways, hedges, garages, basements, in-ground swimming pools, tennis courts and other enclosures) to be constructed and/or situated within the Subdivision shall be submitted for examination to the Developer and written approval of the Developer to such plans and specifications shall be obtained before any such building, landscaping, structure or improvement shall be constructed or placed upon any residential lot and before any addition, change or alteration may be made to any of same on residential lot."  The developer has since transferred that responsibility to the Homeowners' Association.
Plans and specifications changes/alterations must be submitted for Board of Trustee's review and approval.  Below is a checklist form that identifies the requirements.
Architectural Reviews/Board Approvals 2015-2019
Eric and Nicole Langenderfer- Pool and Patio (Approved)
Scott and Karen Stigall- Patio/Landscape Project (Approved)
Craig Burns- Driveway Expansion (Approved)
Tim & Patty Zorn- Pergola Installation- Boulder Ridge (Approved)
Marty Holmes- Patio Installation/Landscape Re-design - 7909 Quail Creek (Unapproved)
Yelena Brooks- Fence Installation- 7880 Quail Creek (Approved)
Ed Lomont- Swing Set Installation- 3450 Cedar Creek (Approved)
Jason & Katie Perry- Landscape Design- Deer Creek (Approved)
Corey Lyons- Driveway Expansion- 7865 Windsor Wood (Approved)
Landscaping- Steve and Tracey Edwards- 3430 Boulder Ridge- Approved
Landscaping/Tree Removal- Bill and Mary Best- 7801 Oak Leaf- Approved
Extension of driveway- Craig Burns- 7744 Woodstone- Approved
Split Rail Fence- Eric and Nicole Langenderfer- 3447 Cedar Creek- Approved
Landscape Plan - Becky Howard- 7907 Rockspring Ct- Approved
Landscape Plan - Zach & Brea Weber- 3652 Deer Creek - Approved
Basketball pole/hoop - Jhered Cusumano - 3653 Boulder Ridge - Approved
Swing set location - Jhered Cusumano - 3653 Boulder Ridge - Approved
Swing set location - Corey Lyons - 7865 Windsor Wood  - Approved
New house construction - Kirkland Reitz -3672 Deer Creek (Lot 160) - Preliminary  driveway and fence (to be submitted later); exterior colors approved;  provisional approval pending review of landscape plan (Approved)
Covered deck plans - Chad Miller - 7754 Forest Creek -  Approved
New split rail fence - Eric Veronica - 3321 Charter Oak - Approved (Aug 2016)
Patio & deck - Chad Holesko - 7754 Forest Creek -Approved
Patio door addition - Ken Boerger - 7854 Rockspring - Approved
New split rail fence -  Kristie & Rick Molnar - 7737 Forest Creek - Approved
Basketball hoop/pole - Doug Williams - 3465 Boulder Ridge - Approved (March 2016)
Fence around swimming pool - Jacob & Gwen Weber - 7950 Slate Ct - Approved (June 2016)
New split rail fence - Diane Hahn - 7724 Forest Creek - Approved (June 2016)
New patio -Patrick Allen - 7928 Windsor Wood Ct - Approved (August 2016)
Shed in yard - David Sharpe - 7809 Quail Creek - Unapproved - Must be removed per deed restrictions (May 2016); removed Dec 2017.
Garage addition - Jhered Cusumano - 3653 Boulder Ridge - Approved (November 2016)
Patio replacement - Michelle Kwiatkowski and Dan DeSloover - 3651 Deer Creek - Approved (March 2017)
Outdoor fireplace - Jhered Cusumano - 3653 Boulder Ridge Dr - Unapproved - Must be removed per deed restrictions (September 2017)