Homestead at the Quarry
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Governance Documents
Below are the documents that control property concerns and activities in the subdivision.  The deed restrictions were issued with each plat beginning with plat one in 1997 and ending with plat seven in 2012.  The restrictions are similar in the seven plats although those plats/properties that border on the Common Areas and those that border on the lake have additional requirements.
The Code of Regulations was adopted in 2012 to comply with state requirements.  The regulations help to clarify the rights of homeowners and provide additional direction for the Board of Trustees.
We have identified a number of key deed restrictions below.  For a complete list of deed restrictions or details on these key restrictions, please consult the deed restriction for your plat. 
1.   New home/home addition construction needs formal architectural review,
2.   Repainting your house a different color requires Board approval,
3.   Yard fences must be split rail and must be approved by Board,
4.   Mailbox  style needs to meet standards set for subdivison,
5.   Waste trash and recycle containers must be stored in garage,
6.   Cars are not permitted to be parked in street overnight,
7.   Motor homes, campers, boats are not permitted to be parked in neighborhood overnight,
8.   Yard signs are not permitted in Common Areas or in area between sidewalk and curb.
9.   Basketball pole locations must be approved by the Board.
10. Dogs must be confined within a fence (split-rail or "invisible") when outdoors.  When not confined by a fence they must be on a leash.
Door-to-Door Solicitation.  All door-to-door vendors (excluding non-profits such as schools, scouts) must have a permit approved by Monclova Township Zoning Office, which also performs a background check on each individual seller.  Each seller should have their permit on their person and handily displayed.  Call the Lucas County Sheriff's Office at 9-1-1 if a vendor is unable to produce a valid township permit.  (From:  The Monclova  Township Monitor)