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Homestead at the Quarry is a planned community of single family homes in Monclova Township, Lucas County.  The first homes were constructed on Oak Leaf Court in 1997.  As of September 2017 there are 169 finished homes and one vacant lot.  The Homestead @ the Quarry Homeowners' Association, Inc., is an Ohio non-profit corporation to which reference is made in the Declaration of Restrictions (deed restrictions).  The Association was created in 2003 to take over responsibility for management of the subdivision from the developer.
This website was developed by the Board of Trustees to better communicate and serve the Homestead community of homeowners.  We hope you will find it useful and interesting.  The Board appreciates the website funding contributions from local sponsors.
Dec 19th Special Meeting: 2024 Dues

Homeowner Profile
Member Directory/Profile
Please go to the Member Directory and update your profile.  We have auto loaded information from the Homeowners Directory that had been provided to all homeowners.  Please verify and/or add information as needed.  (We need to have an email address and a telephone number in order to send out periodic communications.)  Your User ID is your email address and your password is "changeme."  You will need to change the password to something unique.  We will not provide your email to anyone else, but you do have the option of making it available to others in our subdivision.  The rest of the information requested is optional.  It depends on how much information you want to share with other homeowners in the Homestead.  All of the information in the Member Directory is privacy secured and will be available only to Homestead at the Quarry homeowners.

Monclova Twp Resident Guide- Changes in Trash Collection
New Twp. Parking Regulations- Effective July 14, 2019
  • No storage of vehicles, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles or trailers in the street.
  • Storage is considered in the same position for seven (&) days, has a flat tire, is considered junk or under a tarp.
  • No parking over a public sidewalk
  • Commercial vehicles may be parking in the street for the duration of their business during normal business hours
PLEASE NOTE: Changes in trash collection contractors will be taking place in the TWP.  Please visit the TWP website for more details!
Click the link below to view the 2018 Monclova Twp Resident Guide.

Neighborhood News
Vandalism.  Recently several homes suffered from acts of vandalism. We encourage you to call 911, advising you have a non-emergency report and file an official report if you have suffered damage.  The Sheriffs' office  relies on these reports to establish areas where more patrols are needed.  The Board of Trustees are researching ways to monitor entrances but until we can establish if there are cost effective, viable options please keep your eyes and ears open and call 911 if you observe any suspicious activity or vandalism taking place.
Signs Available for Use.  In an effort to create awareness of drivers speed when going through our neighborhood, the HOA has purchased temporary, tri-fold signs.  These signs are portable and easy to store  Ideal to put out on days when kids are playing outside or you are working in the yard.  Due to township regulations, you are not able to attach them to trees or poles in the tree lawn.  The signs do fit nicely around a weighted bucket.  They are very visible and our hope is that drivers will take note and adjust their speed accordingly.  If you are interested in a sign, please contact the HOA via email and one will be delivered to your home.

Board of Trustee Volunteers
Committee Members are needed who may also have an interest in becoming a Board of Trustee.  Our committees consists of Safety and Security; Landscaping; Communications; Social; Financial. Please contact one of our Board members.  Or you may want to attend one of the BOT meetings to see how it works and ask questions.  It is totally volunteer but is of great service to your community.  We welcome any and all to become involved in your neighborhood. 

Anthony Wayne Youth Foundation
Visit to learn more about youth activities available to residents of Monclova Twp.

Friendly Reminder
We love seeing our resident pets getting exercise and socializing.  Please be sure to clean up after your pet if they happen to leave droppings.  It is the neighborly thing to do.  Thank you!

Deed Restriction Reminders!
  • Homes/properties are required to be kept in first class condition which implies that outside must be kept painted, windows must be in good condition, landscaping must be maintained, yards must be free of leaves, sticks and other debris and nicely maintained
  • Mailboxes must comply with HOA and USPO standards and be neatly painted and affixed with street numbers
  • Garbage cans must be stored in garages
  • Trailers, snow blowers, bricks, etc. are not be stored outside
  • Sheds and other outside storage buildings are not permitted
  • All exterior architectural changes must be approved by the Board of Trustees including the addition and location of split rail fences.  Monclova Township may require permitting.
See the Governance Section for addition deed restriction requirements.

Distracted Driving/Cellphones
It has been brought to our attention that drivers, of all ages, have been spotted texting while driving and failing to stop at stop signs.  We ask all of you be mindful of obeying the traffic laws while driving in our neighborhood in order to keep it safe for everyone.  We have many kids that continue to play outside and it only takes a short time for something bad to happen.  Thank you for your compliance.